Approaches for Toilet Learning

May 15, 2024

Families are ALWAYS asking for potty training advice, but giving it isn’t always simple. There are different approaches based on a child’s temperament, their caregivers’ temperament, age, developmental abilities, and events in and around the family unit.

When providing information around toilet learning, try asking a family:

  1. What are the signs of readiness you are seeing, or is this about something else (i.e. camp or school, parental preference, etc)?
  2. How does your child generally handle following directions or taking on transitions/challenges?
  3. Are you looking for a fast and targeted approach that is more intensive, or a slower approach that may take longer but be less formal?

These questions can help a family to think through various toilet learning approaches, outlined HERE. And for more information, check out our provider module on potty training, HERE.

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