Sparks: A Video for Every Check-Up

Building strong relationships between primary care providers and parents from birth to age 5.

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Training for Practice Staff
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What Is Sparks?

Sparks is a free online video curriculum for parents that blends social-emotional-cognitive development with medical, safety, sleep and nutrition topics, and promotes parenting behaviors that research has proven to positively impact child health outcomes.

Sparks was designed to enhance your visit.

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How to Use Sparks:

Parents: We recommend watching videos prior to your appointment or while you're waiting. You can access videos by clicking the button above or receive them right to your phone by texting SPARKS to 1-844-650-1210.

Providers: Sparks was meant to prep families for discussions around well-child visits. Hang a poster in your waiting room or use one of our flyers to advertise Sparks to your patients. We also recommend that you view the videos yourself to brush upon anticipatory guidance and developmental milestones from birth to age 5.

Training for Practice Staff

Supporting Materials

User Guide - Other Settings
Download a guide to learn how you can use Sparks in pediatric primary care, early education settings, home visiting programs, parent education programs, infant and early childhood mental health settings, and more.
Preceptor User Guide
Download a guide to help enhance resident education.
Resident User Guide
Download a guide to help deepen your learning around Sparks.
Download a flyer
Download a flyer to advertise the series in your clinic.

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