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Potty Training with Positive Discipline

Potty Training with Positive Discipline

July 7, 2022

Shaping Potty Behavior:

Reward 1 = telling a parent or caregiver that they have to use the potty (even if they are just doing it to get the sticker or cookie, they are still telling you)

Reward 2 = walking to the bathroom (parent/caregiver can say, “let’s go to the bathroom and you’ll get this sticker/cookie.”)

Reward 3 = getting undressed cooperatively (with or without help)

Reward 4 = sitting on potty or toilet seat and trying (always reinforce trying!). Be careful not to make it too emotional.

Reward 5 = going on the potty or toilet

Practice = reward: “let’s go to the toilet and give it a try.”

Accidents = neutral reaction (no attention!)

You can also use a dry pants bubble chart (you’ll be rewarding your child simply for keeping their pants dry).

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