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Child's Play in Action: Feather Balance

Child's Play in Action: Feather Balance

July 1, 2022

Dr. Belinda Bellet (Brooklyn Heights Behavioral Associates) weighs in on this great game to play with your kids:

  • It boosts their curiosity in trying new things
  • It’s a great indoor activity for cold afternoons or rainy days.
  • It gets kids moving around in unexpected ways.
  • It’s a neat ice-breaker game, a playdate activity or a birthday party or a sleepover game that will get everyone laughing and bonding.
  • It teaches meditation in a kid-friendly way – you have to relax your brain, give over to the moment and be really present in order to keep the feather balanced.
  • It’s a game where you can’t win.
  • It’s a great “brain break”:  you’ll feel more alert and energized after a round of Feather Balance.
  • It helps teach that effort can be pleasurable and helps with our kids’ “growth mindset”

For more games to stimulate the “growth mindset” visit www.ChildsPlayinAction.com

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